Thursday, March 25, 2010

Think about Communication Skills

In Interactive Stations, you will get marks on Good Communication Skills, for some advice and tips on Communication Skills, Visit the following link:

Sample OSCE Questions of Gynae and Obs

Sample Questions (Gynae and Obs)

OSCE question 1 Miscarriage
OSCE question 2 Ovarian cancer
OSCE question 3 Mystery photograph
OSCE question 4 +ve MSSU in pregnancy
OSCE question 5 Starting the Pill
OSCE question 6 Oligomenorrhoea
OSCE question 7 Postmenopausal bleeding
OSCE question 8 Biochemical screening for Downs syndrome



Salam to all !

I am a Medical Student .... here i will share with you the Osce / Ospe info, which i got from Internet .... Ospe is introduced for the first time in our University Exam Setup .... So every student of our part of land (LUMHS) will be worried about this new way of taking Exam .... dont worry, we will practice together to get Passing Marks ;) :P .... hehe

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